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1st Peter 4:10


As Jesus the Christ was Anointed:  Priest, Prophet, and  KING,

so may you live always as a member of his body...

from the Rite of Baptism


To be a baptized follower of Jesus Christ is to be a royal,

a king or queen in service to the King of kings.

To be a royal is to be gifted with power to serve,

and Jesus showed us what to do with power when he washed his disciples' feet.

To be a royal is to use one's strengths and gifts for others.

- Fr. Steve Wolf, Pastor 

Liturgical Ministries



Immaculate Conception Altar Servers participate in the mystery of the Lord's sacrifice at Mass, are intimately present to be able to signal to all within hearing the elevation of the Body and Blood of Christ under the appearance of bread and wine, ring a peal of joyful bells, greet the Lord in worship and praise, dress for this sacred occasion in the ritual clothing of a person dedicated and devoted to the God for whom they are a public witness...

     Baptized Catholics who have received their First Communion and are in the fourth grade or older may become ASPIRANTs and receive a tour of the church and learn the types of prayer and the meaning of the Mass and the sacred vessels.

     During the NOVICE period there is more instruction on prayer, service, and the duties of the server, and practice and more practice.

    When a novice is ready, he or she is commissioned and receives the vestment of a SERVER at a scheduled Mass.

Contact Jonathan Azzara at 931-206-9087 or




Four Teams take turns serving in the Main Church, and a Fifth Team serves in the Old Chapel, helping to keep our worship spaces, furnishings, candles and linens beautiful, clean, maintained and prepared for when our Church community, God's people, gather in reverence and devotion to worship. Many others serve in different areas (altar flowers, preparations for funerals, weddings, and adoration) as needed. Contact Christine Voorhis at                                                                             931- 358-4429 or






Lay faithful are trained by the Church to assist in distributing Holy Communion at Mass. Anyone interested in serving in this capacity should email Rick Catignani at or text him at 931-320-5083.






Greet people before and after Mass and other services. Contact Regina Azzara at 931-358-9662.




Welcome parishioners and visitors and newcomers to Sunday Mass, and help facilitate orderly liturgy at special blessings, the offertory, the communion procession, and when there is something a little different going on. Contact Bob Sisson at 931-919-3712 or or Frank Pierce at 931-358-0215 at




Lay faithful are trained to proclaim the Word of God from the scriptures during liturgy. Contact Deacon Dominick Azzara at 931-645-6275, ext. 103 or



Music serves and strengthens liturgy enabling all parishioners to praise God in song at weekly liturgies, holy days, weddings, and funerals. The six choirs are accompanied by combinations of organ, piano, guitar, and other instruments. Cantors sing in tandom with choirs when needed. For help in discerning which Choir is best for you, contact June Esquilin at 931-552-3015 or


1. The  CHANCEL  CHOIR  is a small group who sing for regularly scheduled and special liturgies. Contact Stella McKnight at 931-378-0301.


2. The  CHILDREN'S  CHOIR  is made up of children, grades 3 through 8, sings for Sunday and other special liturgies. Contact June Esquilin at 931-552-3015 or


3. The  TEEN  CHOIR  of young people in grades 9 through 12 sings for Sunday and other liturgies in the year. Contact Stella McKnight at 931-378-0301.


4. EXALT!  is a mixed ensemble of instrumentalists and vocalists who lead us with contemporary Christian music. Contact Danny Chartrand at 931-920-2868 or


5. The  PARISH-WIDE  MIXED  CHOIR  of men and women age 18 and up, singing in English for Sunday liturgies and more. Contact June Esquilin at 931-552-3015 or


6. The  PARISH-WIDE  HISPANIC  MIXED  CHOIR  of adults and teens, singing in Spanish for Sunday liturgies and more. Contact Elizabeth Ramos at 931-648-8553 or


Volunteer Possibilities



Parishioners volunteer to pass on the faith in classroom settings on Sunday mornings during the school year, in English at 9:15 AM and Bilingual at 11:00 AM. Contact Deacon Juan Garza, Director of Religious Education at 931-645-6275, ext. 112 or




RCIA seeks to be a welcoming and supportive environment where those seeking to learn more about the Catholic faith can grow in knowledge and understanding as they discern a possible call to the sacraments of initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, and Eucharist) or full communion in the sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist for those already baptized. Sponsors walk the journey of faith with them.

Contact Pat Paszek at 931-552-5520


Pat Riley at 270-498-2337


Judy Spink at 931-645-6275, ext. 104





This service for the homeless joins with Clarksville area churches and is administered through the Old Fire House Day Shelter. We provide food and overnight shelter from November through March. Parish volunteers provide food and overnight shelter on Thursday nights in our facilities. Immaculate Conception Church welcomes up to 25 guests (can include 5 female). We need generous people to serve as innkeepers, drivers, cooks, and other volunteer opportunities. Contact Larry Hogan at 931-206-0939 or



Volunteers assist in a variety of office duties, including answering the phone, greeting visitors, assisting with bulk mailings, and other projects. Contact Office Manager Kathy McDonough at 931-645-6275, ext 106 or



Volunteers assist the parish Facilites Director with small but necessary upkeep projects on the parish and school campuses. What are your gifts and skills? Contact Dave Swalgren at 931-645-6275, ext 105 or

Generosity & Stewardship



The primary way that Immaculate Conception Church pays our bills is through weekly Mass offerings. The Diocese suggests that we work toward giving

     5 percent of our gross income to the parish,

     2 percent to the Diocese of Nashville, and

     3 percent to other charities.

Of course these decisions are very personal and ought always be the fruit of prayer.


A new giver who can only give 1 percent can often increase a bit each year to reach a giving goal for the long haul. We are also experimenting with a kiosk in the Narthex to make extra gifts easier.


A growing number of parishioners are finding it easier to give regularly through weekly or monthly Bank Drafts managed confidentially and securely by our parish staff (see the pdf form below), and through On-Line Giving managed for us by Our Sunday Visitor (click on the Green Giving Button below). Regular giving through Bank Drafts or through On-Line Giving helps the parish when parishioners need to travel and during vacations. If you need assistance with either of these, please contact the parish staff at 931-645-6275. I


Many parishioners also make additional monthly contributions for our Buildings, for Immaculate Conception School, for our sister parishes in Haiti and in Chiapas.


As a regular giver, please be aware that in addition to keeping the lights on you are helping to suppport the parish's outreach to the poor and to purchase the bread that is offered at the Eucharist. The bread and the wine are from God's blessings of creation (wheat and grapes) and from the blessing of the work of human beings. Indeed our offering is from God's blessings and the work of our vocations. These blessings God transforms into the real presence of Jesus Christ the Risen Lord.

Thank you.

This is how to begin e-tithing:
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Dear Friends,


We Catholics in Clarksville have a history of fidelity and generosity since 1845, and our needs are not going away. Our beloved chapel is on the historical register, and we very much want to keep it in good shape. Many of our parents are making sacrifices to give their children Catholic education. We have so many young people served by our catechists and youth ministries. And there will continue to be brothers and sisters in our community in need of the charitable works of Immaculate Conception Church.


Looking to our future, I am asking each family to prayerfully consider remembering the parish in your will. My specific request is that each family give at least 10 percent of your estate to Immaculate Conception Church.


Of course, you are free to designate your gift to be used as you wish, but I will be asking parishioners to consider making a planned gift to a parish "Catholics In Clarksville" long-term endowment administered by the Catholic Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.


We welcome all who can help in this important endeavor. Thank you for considering this request.


All God's blessings,


Fr. Steve Wolf, Pastor




Find here information on the Special Collections

that occur through the year.



Patty Pierce, Chair

Pat Paszek, RCIA

Nancy Garza, Hispanic Ministry

Ed Wilson, Knights of Columbus

Kathie Shuler, ICCCW

Len Stolz, School Board

Deacon Juan Garza

Selene Anderson, Secretary

Priests and Deacons



Mike O'Malley

Dr. Clif Sites

Maggie Kulback

Tom Edwards

Scott Donnellan

Raby Nance

Parish Council By-Laws with Appendix: Norms 41-63 of the Diocese of Nashville
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Five-Year Plan Approved by the Parish Council 2016
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